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I REALLY want to get rid of my Mamelons?

I REALLY hate them, they just look so out of place like they're not supposed to be there, and I absolutely hate it... They're bumpy and ugly, and make my teeth look horrible, I'm 13, and I wanted to know if there is any way my dentist could file them down, or if he would even be allowed to file them down?

And is there any way I can get rid of them naturally?

Thanks :)

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    Your dentist can smooth them a bit, if they really bother you. Do you have a normal bite? If you do, attrition will soon get rid of them for you. If not, this article (below) says that any adult can have them smoothed down.

    Ask your your dentist about it. It's a very minor thing and doesn't require any anesthetic.

    **Good luck - keep smiling! : )

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