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Jack Russel Terrier ate a chicken breast! Bones and All!?

She's 5 years old, and healthy. She just ate a fried chicken thigh, it was from Kroger and it was cooked in a conventional oven. I'm not sure if she ate all the bones, but seeing as there was nothing left on the plate, my family and I are guessing she did. I've got some concerns because she's small, and the thigh had a lot of bones. I know that I have to look for symptoms like constipation and blood in her feces, but is there anything else?

Also, how long would it take for the bones to pass through/digest?

(She just ate it like 40 minutes ago)

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    You should call the vet - but Jacks are pretty resilient, and those chickens only grow for 28 days.

    The concerns are for sharding of the bones in her GI tract, or pancreatitis from the fat.

    The vet can explain what to look for, and whether they want to go in and get the bones, before they do any damage. Since it was a heavier bone, they may want to.

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    Don't you just love Jack Russells and the mischief they get into?

    I have 2 of them and both have done this before and stolen some chicken pieces, they jumped right up on the chair and then the table which they know full well they aren't allowed to do. I guess the smell was just too much temptation and they got away with it while I wasn't looking.

    Luckily we didn't have any problems. Jacks eat the most peculiar things from time to time and I would hope that if your dog chewed the bones up then they would pass through okay but if it was a gulp fest I'd be inclined to take your dog to the vet and ask them to induce vomiting. Hopefully not too much of the food has been digested, especially if it's still in larger pieces because that takes longer in the stomach anyway. Usually the stomach acid will dissolve the bones in a few hours and the acid in their stomach is something like 10 times stronger than in a human.

    If you aren't too concerned then she might pass it through the next time she has to toilet. Look out for a firm, whitish stool (which will be the bone). If she hasn't toileted by tomorrow then get her to the vet to check on things.

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    does she look okay?

    I don't know what to do my dog ate a fried fish with all the little tiny bones in it and he was fine but this is different You probably need to take her to the vet you don't know what it could do to her digestive system but a lot of dogs eat bones though so she might be okay but your really not inside your dog are you? So you can never be too sure how your dog particularly works hope she's okay though

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    You might need to take her to the vet, so be prepared. Especially if she throws up. The oil might not settle well in her stomach. Also, if she ate the bones, it's very possible the bones have splintered and may/may not cut her stomach and intestines. Maybe call an emergency vet and ask for advice?

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