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Which of the following most strongly determines the colour of a NEARBY star as seen by the naked eyes?

a) the chemical composition of the star

b) the age of the star

c) the temperature of the star

d) the speed with which the star is moving away from us

e) the color of the gases of which the star is made

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    The correct answer is C.

    The chemical composition of stars is complex enough that stars emit at all colors so A is not correct. They only have a specific color because they emit most strongly at one wavelength as determined by their temperature. The age does not affect the color. The only thing that generally changes with age is the luminosity, but it will still remain the same color so B is out. If the star is moving away from us, it's color will appear redder than it really is, but this problem specifies that they are nearby stars. This means the star is barely moving away from us, if at all and thus it won't be too much redder. This takes out part D. Part E is just blatantly false.

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    b) the age of the sta

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    But that is a guess.

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