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How do i get Gaia gold and cash?

Okay, so i'm new to Gaia. I only have 3,320 gold and 0 cash. Iv looked at offers but i don't really understand them. And my dad wont let me buy stuff online off of games. So i was wondering how to get cash and gold. Please reply. Thnx.

By the way my name on there is: xXx_Pok3r_Kill3r_xXx : If u wanna add me.(:


But seriously please help me.

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    An easy way to earn Gaia Online cashcards without paying is to use a sit that hosts users that want to earn that type of thing. You can earn points for those cash cards in a fun way on a site called PrizeGo!. It is one of those sites, and it's also, I believe, the funnest and easiest to use. I'm earning points right now, by referring you. Yeah, sorry 'bout that.

    If you want to earn Gaia Cash, just head to the link below and sign up.

    If you want to be a meanie and not refer me - though referring me would not cost you anything - then please head over to the main website:

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