relationship advice 19 year old guy..?

So I work at a supermarket where I started talking to this 18 year old I made efforts to talk to her , add her on FB get her number and after like 2 or 3 weeks I asked her to hangout outside of work sometime..The first date we planned she cancelled cuz she had to set up for her HS graduation party, second time she was busy and then 3rd time she was also busy..she is in a very intense school program so she doesnt have much freetime.. but anyway after the 3rd time I thought I would stop bugging her cuz its not like she was txting me all the time I would have to txt 3 months or so went by and I still talk to her at work..she bumps into me when im not looking to get my attention and talk..but yesterday she told my friend I dotn know why (me) hasn't really txted me lately.. my friend told me what she said and I thought WHAT??? I wanted to talk to her!! last night I txted her and said " hey can i clear things up with you..I wanted to hang with you but I got the impression you didnt really want to..she responded "just because Im not able to hang with you doesn't mean I dont want to talk" maybe she was legitly busy whenever I asked but still im confused..any explanation would be great

I feel like..Girl..I wanted to hang out with didnt make yourself availiable or txt I'm moving on..then throws me a curveball and she seems like she still wants to talk now and its like..make up your mind do you want to talk as a friend? or make this something more...

Im still not sure if she means just talk as a friend or more than a friend..Im hoping more than a friend cuz why would she mention me to my friend unless she wanted me to react..

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  • 9 years ago
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    No no STOP!!! You have done more than enough. You see she likes the attention. When you stopped your messages, she missed this and made her feelings known through your friend. You have since sent her another txt telling her that you wish hang out. You have spell and painted your intention loud and clear and she gets the picture. Leave it. I know it is not easy but if she is really interested in you then she would get back to you. Tried and it works. If she does not get back then atleast you know then that she she is not interested. You can give her a hint if you wish through your friend that you like like her but you dont think she is interested so you are not going to be chasing after her. Gd luck.

  • Alex
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    9 years ago

    Well, either she was busy, or

    She is still stuck in the high school mindset of playing games on a guy. Like hard to get and crap like that.

    Personally, and I'm also 19, I tend to not go along with the games. I don't put up with crap like that, and apparently some girls just get mad after I stop chasing. Others completely understand, I don't want to mess around and jump through hoops just so you'll let me take you, on a date, that I am paying for with my gas and my money.

    I would suggest giving her one more chance. If she keeps this up, then find a new girl. Girls at our age are easy to come by. Finding ones that arn't trashy, slutty, or going to play games though isn't. Once you find one, make sure you hold onto her.

  • 9 years ago

    Hey Jman stick with her, soundz like she was busy legit. Give her anotha shot. What can you lose bro?

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