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Could these two cichlids be a pair?

So I had a male/female breeding pair of convict cichlids 2 years ago, they spawned all the time. Then one day the male and female got into a fight over brood care and she was killed. The two years went by, and a week ago i decided I wanted to breed fish one more time before Io went off to college, so I went and purchased a new female, hoping for the best. I put her in and my male turned completey black almost, and started "dancing". She was afraid of him. It's been a week and the male hasn't attacked or behaved aggressively to her at all. She sometimes shies away but follows him. I often see them together, side by side or in the same flowerpot, but she still prefers her own flowerpot. Could they have paired? I know that cichlids like to be in a group and pair off on their own, that's how I got the first pair, but could they have?

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    convicts are pretty slutty, as long as you get more decorations and plastic plants so there's more divided up territories they might do ok.

    if they're the only fish in the tank, toss in a tiger barb or a danio for them to chase and bully, that gets them excited and horny.

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    It might be that the male likes her but she is new and needs to get used to the tank for a couple weeks. Usually if the male likes the female he will always get her.

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    9 years ago

    water changes, variety foods, and increased water temp always worked for me.

    Source(s): jewel chiclids they breed every 2 months or less
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