Does he like me? may i please have 3 answers?

So this guy i like knows i like him and all of his band friends keep telling him to ask me out but he always says i don't know. He definately likes me as a friend, but i don't know if it is something more. When my friend told him i liked him he was like "yeah i got that feeling" and then when she said some other girl liked him he was like "eww no", he hasn't told anyone if he does or doesn't like me. All i know is that last monday i was the topic of his lunch table and i dont know what was said about me, good or bad. I saw him Thursday walking into school and we made eye contact but i quickly turned around and he said "hey delaney", and i was like "oh hey" and kept walking. We had chapel the Friday two weeks ago at school, I was standing a little bit diagonal to my crush, my best friend sitting next to me. I saw him turn around a few times but assumed nothing of it, just thinking he was zoned out. My friend however today told me that she noticed that when he turned around he was staring at me, and at first she assumed he was just zoned out to, but then she said he did it multiple times and then she said he looked at her with a smirk/smile on his face in what she described as a "yeah, you found me out i like her now stop staring at me" kind of look. He's talked to me multiple times before told me how he feels when this one jerk calls him gay even though he's not. We've also been on a group thing, to a halloween amusement park where he "protected" me the whole night and hugged me after the first haunted house. He always says "hey there" when he sees me, and makes eye contact when we talk. i don't know, do you all think he likes me, i really would like to know? I'm sorry if my question doesn't make much sense, but i appreciate your opinions. Thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think he might be scared to ask you out. By the sounds of it, i think he likes you he's just nervous or a little un-confident. Maybe you should try talking to him to see if he likes you or not. Goodluck!

  • 9 years ago

    Sounds like he's interested to me!

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