Dairy sensitivity in BF baby?

So my BF 4 month old has a dairy sensitivity so I have cut out all dairy from my diet and it has worked wonders. But I had a little slip up last week (not thinking ate a white chocolate chip cookie) and it seems her reactions are worse now than before I cut it out. She was really gassy for two or three days and has been spitting up huge amounts, sometimes still 2 hours after feeding. Then last night she has this weird yellow jelly-like poo with a couple tiny dots of blood (only that one time thank goodness).

Anyone have this experience? Is it normal for the reaction to be worse after cutting it out, or could this be developing into a full blown allergy?

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  • Ellen
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    9 years ago
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    These are symptoms of dairy allergy, and they are a bit more severe than usual. I would advise extreme caution with what you eat, and the same when/if you decide to introduce dairy into her diet. Don't do it at all without discussing it with the doctor first, and be prepared for a reaction of some sort.

    I suspect the jelly-like poo was mucousy, which is a symptom of the gut being irritated.

    Source(s): hospital IBCLC and mothers' group leader 20+ years mom to 3
  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Babies most certainly can be sensitive or allergic to things their breastfeeding mother is eating. If you have already figured out that dairy bothers her, cutting it from your diet (and remembering not to give it to her when she starts solid food) should help. Allergies tend to get worse the more the child is exposed to the allergen. For instance, my son got stung by a bee a couple of years ago. He had been stung before with no reaction. This time, he had horrible swelling on the whole side of his body where he got stung. The next time, he had more swelling and a rash. The doctor prescribed him an epi-pen because she said the next reaction might be more severe, as is the case with allergies sometimes. That being said, I would think it is normal for the second reaction to be worse than the first regardless of the fact that she had not been exposed to dairy for awhile.

    The blood in the stool definitely sounds like an allergy. There can be other causes, too, though. If she experiences diarrhea, vomiting, and blood in the stool after being exposed to dairy, then it is probably an allergy. Check out http://kellymom.com/babyconcerns/food-sensitivity.... for more information on allergies in breastfed babies.

    My son had a milk allergy when I was breastfeeding, and I ended up having to put him on soy formula. He was able to drink whole milk when he turned one, so he did outgrow it, as some babies do. Just because she is sensitive now doesn't mean she always will be. My daughter, however, is 15 months and still allergic. She must drink goat's milk (she also had reactions to soy), so the doctors think she may remain allergic. All babies are different and all you can do is monitor how your baby reacts and adjust your/her diet accordingly. Sounds like you are doing that. Just talk to the doctor about the blood in the stool and any other concerns you might have. Best of luck to you.

    Source(s): I have had two babies with milk allergies
  • Ethel
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    9 years ago

    That isn't a dairy sensitivity, she can't be since she's not ingesting it, something else is occurring - like a virus or intestinal infection.

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