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What alien movie is this?

It's from late 90s - mid 00s i think, and it's about some alien girls disguised as young human women who seduce a bunch of guys to get pregnant because they are trying to recreate their race. They kill the men after mating and don't like hot water and at the end of the movie one of the girls they thought was human turns out to be an alien the whole time. The movie was called Camouflage or something but i can't remember. Thanks


Wasn't species, there were several alien girls and they were more like teenagers. Thanks Anyway.

Update 2:

Found it, it was decoys though it seems someone just posted it on here. Thanks for the help.

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    It is : Species (1995)

    With Natasha Heinsdrige; Ben Kingsley Michael Mandsen

    It was directed by Roger Donaldson

    Here s the trailer:

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    there have been 4 so a procedures: Alien (1979) extraterrestrial beings (1987) Alien 3 Alien Resurrection Prometheus, quickly to be released, often is the 5th and that's a prequel of the others (putting is earlier Alien). besides, from what I even have study, you will no longer have had to be sure the different video clips to observe Prometheus. yet once you have no longer seen the unique Alien action picture, i might watch it first. I even have cherished all the action pictures so a procedures (Alien 3 substitute right into a sprint disappointing) and that i'm relatively finding forward to seeing Prometheus.

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    Could you be thinking of the movie "Species"?

    It came out in 1995 and is about the race to stop an alien/human hybrid creature before she can mate and reproduce her species on Earth...

    Here is a link to the IMDB page for the movie:

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    Species. Pretty good film. The sequel sucked though

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    um.... Predator?

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