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What would be a Catholic priest's views about doubting the resurrection of Christ?

I do not have access to speak to an authority figure in the Catholic religion, so I would really appreciate as much information as possible and as thorough as possible. If you are or once where a priest or some sort of important figure in Catholicism, I would really appreciate any help! Also, anyone who is an adult, your opinions are also very welcome! (you can comment if you are a child too, but please say so as I need to separate the opinions of children and adults). PLEASE STATE IN WHAT WAY YOU ARE A PART OF THE CATHOLIC RELIGION. (i.e. adult who goes to church often, priest, child who goes to church, etc. You can include your name if you would like, but it is not necessary) Thank you so much for taking the time to answer!

1) How do/would you feel if someone expressed doubt about the resurrection of Christ?

2) Have you ever experienced doubt about His resurrection?

3) In your mind, is there a line that someone crosses where you would no longer consider them Christian? If so, where would that line be?

4) Do you know someone who was once Catholic but either switched religions or lost their faith in God? If so, please explain.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help! God bless you!

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    The resurrection is essential to the Christian belief in God:

    Romans 4:25

    King James Version (KJV)

    25Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.

    Without the resurrection His death on the cross is in vain according to St. Paul. So one doubting the resurrection is denying the atoning work of Christ and this means that humanity still awaits a Messiah.

    1. I would think that they are in the need of study and perhaps they should pray for God's grace to understand.

    2. Never

    3. When they deny God and become an unbeliever. This would be a person who has rejected God's grace. That being said I have no power to judge another's heart.

    4. I have never personally known anyone who has lost their faith in Christ's Church and switched faith. I have known people who have fallen away into agnosticism or Atheism. For a practicing and knowledgeable Catholic it is almost impossible to fall away and go to another faith as Catholics most often feel the same as St. Peter expressed when Jesus asked the disciples if they wanted to leave also at Capernaeum. He said, "to whom shall we go as you have the words of eternal life". The Church is the bride of Christ and we are assured that it is the "pillar and foundation of the truth."

    Most Catholics who claim to have left the Church for Protestantism were either non-practicing cultural or Catholics in name only. They left because they did not know what the Church teaches and were prey for the ravening wolves of the world who labor to separate the faithful from His Church.

    May our Lord bless you abundantly.

    In Christ

    Fr. Joseph

    Source(s): I am a convert to Catholic Christianity after being an Evangelical for 50 years and a Protestant minister for 25 years.
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    I'm not a Catholic Priest, but I am Catholic.

    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it's not my place to make them believe in something which they don't believe in.

    2. Well back when I was a teenager I was an Atheist.

    3. I consider some beliefs to be heretical according to my faith. There are some which I don't really believe that they are Christians because their beliefs conflict with the Church's faith and moral teachings.

    4. Yeah, myself. Well I was raised Catholic and my mother was a very devout Catholic. I lost my faith when I was a teenager because I had doubts about my faith. Now in my early 20's my mother came down with cancer and died. First thing I did was blame God, than I realized something that even during my mothers suffering she never once abandoned her faith. And considering my own mortality and seeing how my mother carried her cross I think that is what brought me back to my faith. So yeah, I'm a little defensive when it comes to my faith because in a way I think of it as my mother's faith.

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    Im an adult convert to Catholic.

    1) We all have doubts. I would feel for them, because this doubt is doubting the very divinity of the Christ. For if Christ wan't resurrected, then that would mean everything was a lie. Christ was resurrected as he predicted. He said, I show rebuild this Temple in 3 days. He was talking about Himself.

    2) Sure as a youth. But one only needs to read the accounts. The protestant, Lee Strobel's, "The Case for Christ" makes very good points. (I'm formerly protestant). Very short synopsis is as follows. Jesus historical existence is without question. And the apostles and believers died gruesome deaths proclaiming that he is the Christ and that He is resurrected. They died professing their faith. I believe them.

    3) That is not for us to judge. Catholics are clear on this. And so is scripture!

    4) I'm a convert to Catholic. I don't know anyone who was serious that left. The more you know about His word, the more your faith will strengthen. My advice is to become strong in your faith. There have those who left who were simply baptized, but if you really study and learn the faith, He won't let you leave His church. Put your faith in Him.

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    I am the one who asked this question. For those of you who answered I completely appreciate it! As these are your own personal experiences and your religious thoughts and beliefs, I feel I have no right to pick a "best" answer. Your answers were all beneficial and absolutely wonderful and they all meant something to me. Thank you for sharing! God bless.

    Source(s): Eternally thankful <3
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