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Very spooky horse problem!!!?

We have a mare and she was a cutting horse 3 yrs ago.......she spooks easy but, not at the sounds of cars or trucks or tractors..she spooks at other horses! If a horse is backing up in front of her she will backup and spin and she gets REALLY scared, she doesnt bolt,buck or rear she just spins and side steps how can i fix this? I do NOT want anyone to tell me to get rid of her this horse is VERY expensive and i dont wanna waste her i wanna fix her.And just something to tell you guys in the pasture she doesnt spook at horses whats wrong with her???

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    I don't know what's wrong with her, but I think we can fix her. You need to find someone that has patience and a calm and patient horse. Go into an arena and have the other horse do whatever normal spooks her. When she does freak out, turn in small circles. Do this until she doesn't spook* Other thing is get off, but keep her saddle on. Then have a horse back up as you walk by. Be careful, she might spook. Do this all the time. Before and after a ride.

    *It will take lots of time. You might have to dedicate one whole riding period doing this, but the way you sound. Not wanting to sell her, wanting to fix her. I think you can do it!

    If this doesn't work, I always say, talk to your Vet, it might a face problem. Also, talk to her dentist, it could be her teeth. She might be afraid, the horse will bump into her teeth and hurt her. Just think like her, try to figure out what might scare her. Always remember though, don't get scared, stay calm and so will she.

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    she's not spooking at horses.

    she's being very respecful of them.

    it's called normal horse behavior for a submissive horse.

    she is giving that horse immediate space out of respect.

    since she's doing this when you ride her, this also means that you don't have her full attention on you. she basically forgets you while she pays more attention to the other horse.

    I suggest you stop focusing on other horses and you give her something else to think about and keep your focus on tasks, not other horses.

    So, I'd start with lateral work, make sure she's yielding good and soft and being supple....nose to the shoulder, hip disengaging, etc....

    and ask someone to back up into you as you stand still on a loose rein.

    if and when the mare starts (STARTS) to move off (when you didn't ask her to)....then bring her attention back on you by redirecting her focus on to a task of nose to the shoulder or disengaging her hip or whatever.

    do it every time, and when she listens to you and not to the other horse.... then reward her and let her stand still.

    repeat til you can stand still while someone backs up around you.

    It's certainly no reason to give up on the horse. It's a very simple thing to fix.

    It starts with your focus.

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