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I need help with some hairstyles?

I have long silky black hair. im not dying it any other color but i need some ways or tips or styles to make it look swagged out. i mostly wear my hair in a ponytail with some hair falling off. or half up half down. or front of my hair pulled back. any other styles would help pleasee!! and i dont need youtube or websites. i need typed out step by step. i do not have bangs.

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    Take a shower at night then go to sleep with braids and when you wake up, undo the braids and it should be wavy(:

    Source(s): I wear my hair in braids all the time(:
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    9 years ago

    Hair fall out maybe due to traction. It is a pressure wherein you put so much in it that your hair strand and follicle could no longer deal with. There were lots of hair style which you can have to look different than the usual like, braid them up on a way like the Greek goddess do to their hair or just let it fall and have some ribbons, hair clip or head bands on it.

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