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movie, in time! please help, ayudenme!?

my question is.. do you know what song appears in the moment that justin t. -> will salas and amanda- > sylvia dance in the rich party??? the song is very slow, 10 points to best answer!! thankss gracias!!

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    Que raro, hay mucha gente que quieren saber que es el nombre de esa cancion. Me encanta la cancion y su voz. Los detalles y un link estan abajo. Saludos :)

    Yes, its funny because someone else asked the question a few hours ago, It's a very popular track now thanks to the film. I love it !

    Its called "IN A MANNER OF SPEAKING" by the french band NOUVELLE VAGUE. It was on their self titled album that came out in 2005.

    Here it is,ENJOY !

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    Source(s): I am listening to it right now
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