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Why is guys fashion so simple and girls fashion really fashionable?

Why is guys fashion so simple and girls fashion really fashionable?

I want to dress like I want and I am a fashionable guy and when I buy guys clothes I go for the really fashionable type. Something that matches my style, other than that I wear girls clothes cause their clothes are nice too and fit me well and are fashionable and it matches my style too. Should I be who I am?

No harsh answers or I will report you.

Am I allowed to wear what I want

Girls clothes is so much fashionable and I have more of a feminine style.

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    Go for it. Don't ever be afraid to be you. Your clothes can tell a lot about your character, so why try to conceal? Embrace your individuality.

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    anybody is all allowed to placed on what they want yet while they placed on something that maximum different persons do no longer, then they must have the means to stand up to the seems and comments they're going to get. it quite is purely existence. So placed on what you want in case you are able to stand the comments yet once you won't be able to, then you incredibly ought to settle on it is greater significant to you. good good fortune!! : P

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    fashion is a big scam to make you part with your money on a regular basis as you try to keep up with the latest style.

    in many cultures, there's no such thing as a fashion industry.

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