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Why are women so Sensitive and emotional!!!!?


Im not stereotyping,

Im just asking a question based on my observations

So, Please. come in here with an answer, not an argument

Alright, well I know alot of girls who are very emotional and sensitive, they get there feelings hurt all the time and for everytime.

Like for example yesterday, I was messing around with some of the guys a little bit, and I messed with this one girl, ashley who was with us. and she was like all sad and shocked and her feelings were hurt. But when i was messing around with the guys (I was saying stuff like "bro, Shut the Fugk Up!!) and they were all cool and laughing

But with girls, ITS DIFFERENT!!! they want your attention, they want everything, they expect you to treat them like angels, Why??

Why can't we all be treated equally

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    Messing around with? Like, jokes? Some jokes will strike a nerve more with one gender than the other. Who is usually going to get more offended by a rape joke? A woman. But what about a castration joke? A man.

    I can't say I've noticed either gender to be more emotional. I've known sensitive people of either gender and people who aren't of either gender. I get to know people and adjust my actions accordingly.

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    That's funny because I'm not like that at all. It is extremely difficult to hurt my feelings and I notice that a lot of guys are pansies. I hate girls like that. No fun to be friends with.

  • Some women told me they don't believe in crying.

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