Why do you thinik of my friends choice, be honest?

Shes 19 and has never had a sip of alcohol in her life!! She is crazy!!

she always says alcohol took away her change of having a proper relationship with her dad, and because of it she spent the majority of her life looking after him than the other way around. He passed away this september he was 53. She and her family looked after him all summer, she spent every night with him at his hopsice and looked after him with great love as she said. She says it was very painful to see him slowly slowly pass away in front of her eyes everyday..

People are saying I should be more sympathetic but I dont see why, its just alcohol!! I think she needs to get over it. I understand why she is upset over her dad, but i dont see why she should hate alchohol. It was his choice, he made it, not her.

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  • 9 years ago
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    hey there !!

    yes it was his choice not her :)

    but now its her choice and u should respect her choice :)

    in my opinion its better to stay away from alcohol as much as possible :)

    let her be like this , in my opinion her choice is right anyway im not one to judge nor u r :)

    she is your friend so respect her choice and plzz dont force her on alcohol or talkin about her choice often will increase her pain losing someone we love is more like dying every time when u miss em :(

    people leave the world not our heart :) this is tthe only reason :)

    anyways hope u got what u were looking for or what u wanted or needed to know !! :)

    take care !!

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