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Does smoking ciggs kill brain cells?

I just started smoking them and I was wondering if they kill brain cells.

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    Only weed does that. Some of the greatest minds have been cigarette smokers.

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    Yeah it does, it also fills your arteries with tar which can lead to heart attack, your lungs with carbon manoxide which can lead to lung cancer, also kills sperm cells- depending on how many and how often you smoke you could become infertile... You can also get mouth cancer where the roof of your mouth rots away, throat cancer which will require you to be on oxygen till ur throat closes up too much for you to breathe at all, affects the people around you, rots n turns ur teeth yellow, gives u bad breath, makes u smell, and can give you insomnia

    Quit smoking while your still new to it.

    My grandad had 2 heart attacks before he was convinced to stop- thats how addictive it gets that he had to nearly die twice to realise he shud stop.

    Source(s): Knowing the effects of smoking and not doing it just to look cool
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    yes smoking cigarettes does kill brain cells. this is because as you inhale you are taking in carbon dioxide and cobon monoxide. this takes the place of healthy oxygen in the air and whith a decreased amount of oxygen circulating in the body cells begin to die. these cells include muscle cells brain cells and skin cells.

    Source(s): My common knowledge learned during school
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    9 years ago

    Yes. Plants contain lots of Carbon dioxide and Carbon Monoxide (witch is one of the main reasons we HAVE TO have them.) so when they are burned it's all released and and they cause the killing of our cells. Hope this helped.

    Source(s): Common knowledge from school. And I smoke also.
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  • 9 years ago's lung cells that cigarets kill.

  • Nick
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    9 years ago

    Dont think so.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes. and sperm count also

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