So i met this girl last night...?

We went to this event thing that we're both a part of. I actually seen her around a lot, but just met her last night. We started talking some, as the night went on we started to get closer and closer. Dancing, hugging, making out etc. She was a little bit intoxicated. As the night went on she started holding my hand and such. Eventually i stayed at her place, i fell asleep laying next to her. Then in the morning we just mostly talked, but she gave me good eye contact and such, but it wasnt like last night. She has hinted on going out with me again. So i just guess i dont know what to think about it? Any thoughts?


She just told me that she's a make out person when she's drunk, and that it wasnt a bad thing...So im not sure what to think about that...?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ask her out! She's interested. She might not have been as free today because alcohol helps with confidence. So she probably was a little more free with how she was acting. If she let you stay this morning to talk and hinted at going out again, she wants you to ask her out! Good luck! Sounds like you really like her!

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