How do you make a long distance relationship work....?

I'm 24 and in a relationship. My girlfriend is from Zimbabwe. She just recently went home for 6 and a half weeks. In your guys opinions, what tactics should I use to make this long distance relationship work. I get so nervous she is going to lose interest during this time...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    1) Don't panic.

    2) Trust is key. You need to trust that she will be faithful to you other wise you will drive her away by constantly seeing things that aren't really going on.

    3) Don't assume that she has lost interest if you don't hear from her every single day (doesn't mean she won't talk to you every day however...). You will both have things to do while you are away from each other and life happens so don't freak out about the little things.

    4) When you say you are going to call. Do so.

    5) Understand that you are going to miss out on parts of her life while she is away but that she'll fill you in if you give her the chance when she gets back.

    6) And this is the most important point. Believe that things are going to work out.

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