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I am going to go to a therapist tomorrow, what should I expect? (Im a kid so will it be different?)?

I have something called PANDAS, and its like ocd, anxiety, adhd, depression, and a lot of other stuff all rolled in one. So basically my depression(none of the parentals think that I actually am depressed, though) and anxiety have gotten much worse of late, so my mother sent me to a psychatrist, which I am going to, who is in turn sending me to a therapist.

What should I expect? What should I do? The appointment is scheduled for tommorrow.

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    first try not to have any expectations dont cause yourself to worry get anxious or sleep poorly. Therapist may get further information about your concerns by speaking with you. Therapist may speak with your parents but mostly I would imagine would want to hear from you as you are the one with medical/mental health concerns. I would inquire as to if therapist believes in holistic approach. For example individual talk therapy dietary changes medication management family therapy and so on. Maybe someone reading my reply can help elaborate on this. Grrr ive ovarian cramps coming on. Good luck young fellow yahoo-er, hope you get great answers through this forum :)

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    They'll just ask you how you feel ect, if you self-harm/feel suicidal, or have panic attacks, in which case they might do a 'safety plan' so a list of things to do should you ever feel that way. Tomorrow will probably be an assessment so they'll try and figure out where you are in your head (for want of a better phrase) and where to go from there, good luck! x

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    You will get good information. I think. Pl. confirm after wards.

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