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What do you think of these names?


Amelia Charlotte

Amelia Brooke

Layla Allie

Layla Brooke

Layla Lacey

Clara Charlotte

Clara Brooke


Carter Alan

Carter Bailey

Lucas Alan

Logan Alan

Mason Alan

Which ones do you like the best? Also any suggestions would be great.

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    Really adorable names! Amelia Charlotte is my favorite, I don't like Leila Lacey too many L's but Love Layla Brooke! Clara Charlotte, Carter Alan, and Lucas Alan are my other favs :)

    Tristan Levi

    Joshua Callum

    Holden Issaiah

    Nathan Scott

    Oliver Rhys

    Caleb Andrew

    Ethan Blake

    Brody Connor

    Vincent James

    Parker Samuel

    Lucas William

    Aiden Thomas

    Preston Gabriel

    Zachary Evan

    Brandon Charles

    Jason Henry

    Julian Reid

    Jude Michael

    Liam Daniel

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    Amelia Charlotte 10/10

    Amelia Brooke 6/10

    Layla Allie 8/10

    Layla Brooke 9/10

    Layla Lacie 2/10

    Clara Charlotte 5/10

    Clara Brooke 4/10

    Carter Alan 8/10

    Carter Bailey 3/10

    Lucas Alan 9/10

    Logan Alan 4/10

    Mason Alan 2/10

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    Amelia Charlotte

    Amelia Brooke-i like this one better

    Layla Allie

    Layla Brooke- like

    Layla Lacey

    Clara Charlotte

    Clara Brooke- like


    Carter Alan-like

    Carter Bailey

    Lucas Alan

    Logan Alan

    Mason Alan-like

    MY favorite name is Layla Brooke for a girl and Carter Alan for a boy

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    Ive never been a huge fan of the name Amelia (its just because of someone i know) But amelia charlotte is ADORABLE! love it!

    Layla Claire is my ll time favorite girl name in the world! Ever!!! I like the name Allie, brooke and Lacey as well (these are some of my top names) but i think brooke flows best with layla:)

    Clara Charlotte is so cute. i love it!!!!!!!!

    Carter Bailey sounds really nice, so does alan but i like bailey better:)

    I love all of these. These are all my top names for boys. lucas logan and mason. i love them all. love them. but i think i like mason alan the best:)

    You have WONDERUL taste in names, these are all so cute:)

    Hope i helped


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  • 9 years ago

    Amelia Charlotte


    Lucas Alan

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