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senses Fail concert???? Moshing?

I might go to a Senses Fail concert next friday.. but the venue that i would be going to doesn't have seats. It's standing room only. And i'm kind of scared that there is going to be moshing and stuff and i'm kind of small and i would rather not get completely beat up.. so if you have been to a senses fail concert, is there a lot of moshing?

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    The moshing usually takes place in the middle of the pit. As well as front. The front and middle is where all the action happens. You will get kicked in the face and head by crowd surfers if your in the front and middle. As well as getting sucked into a mosh pit. If you don't want to deal with that I suggest watching from the back or sides. If you feel you can handle it then just be aggressive in the crowd. Don't be afraid to push people and always be on guard. Guard your head and face from crowd surfers. Be on the lookout and keep your balance. There does tend to be a decent pit size when they play. I've seen them live 6 times.

    Source(s): Seen Senses Fail live 6 times.
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