How do I tell my professor to stop making advances towards me?

To start off with, I am not interested in having a relationship with my professor.. however I believe (based on his actions) that he is interested in me.

He winks and raises his eyebrows at me - which I didn't think was harmless until I wore a dress to class and caught him staring at my chest. Even though I make strange faces and stop eye contact when he winks at me he still does it.

He's very laid back so I thought he was just being nice but now that it's almost the end of the semester I am debating whether or not I should say anything to him, he does not do this with anyone else in the class.

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    9 years ago
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    He could get into huge trouble if he approaches you with inappropriate actions. That's a huge no no for professors and against most rules of Universities. I would talk to your adviser if you have one and explain the situation. I'd use a third party to intervene if you want to. I would not approach him at all if he's like this. I know many professors who married their students and their careers were over. Is he a PhD or does he have a Master's degree? This is more likely to happen with people who don't have a PhD, because a PhD can lose a tenured position. The class is almost over, so it's easiest to just ignore him. If he approaches you next semester, report him to the dean.

  • is he hot-- your lucky, if that was me i would be all over that. class would be cancelled every day.... but if you don't like it just go up to him and tell him you don't like how he looks at you and explain yourself.

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    9 years ago

    get over yourself w'h'o'r'e

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