How are you suffering in this USA world?

Tell the world your story of how raising costs and a failing job mark, ect is making you suffer. Like so,

I'm a stay at home mother on SSID, my husband brings home about $500.00 a week and I bring that in a month. We have tried everything to get help with rising food costs, heat cost, and heath care cost, and everywhere we go we're told he makes to much money a month. One place told us, he was over the limit by $3.00, and that those $3.00 would make ALL the differences each month when buying food, even though you can no longer buy 2 bag of groceries for less then 20 bucks OR MORE. We were told he made $50.00 to much a month for heating assistants. To fill are tank it cost almost $400.00. It will last for 3 months if we keep it at 60 degrees. We pay are basic bills each month, rent, car loan, dental insurance, health insurance, car insurance (you have to have it by law in our state) electric, and food. This comes out to about $1560.00, if you then add all the medical bills, dental bills, credit card bills, and phone bills on top of that it's about $2670.00 then of course you need GAS to get everywhere We live in an area where even if you take the bus you can't get to half the places you need to go. That is about another 180. (I left out a handful of bills that were are choose, because we didn't need a wedding or a loan to go on a honeymoon.) The total is about $2,850 a month we bring in about $2,500. Now even if I could go back to work (magically finding a job) I would need someone to watch my 2 year old, who is not 100% healthy. She has a unknown medical problem which makes me have to drive an hour away to see a specialist and then an hour back, along with getting her a bed, mattress, diapers, wipes, soy milk, soy cheese, NO pork of any kind, having to pay to hear someone say they don't know why pork make her so ill she end up in the hospital emergency room if she has a single bite of bacon and then told they want to do an opposition I CAN NOT pay for to see if maybe they can see what the problem is.........AN YET I have to say I am better off then most, we got never ending bills, medical problems, some heath care help (we have to pay my daughters bills) and no relief coming. I still have a home, my husband still has a job, and my daughter is alright as long as she isn't give dairy or pork. I don't know many other people who can say they have what I have to be thankful for. Most the people I know are jobless, going under, losing there homes, and in court fighting over bills they just can't pay. What is my point? NONE of this would be a problem if they'd raise the cost a person could make to receive help from food stamps or heating. None of this would matter if someone would put a damn cap on the medical worlds outrageous billing prices. I mean really $60.00 to just walk in and get a check up? An what $95.00 if you need a shot like your flu shot, these prices of course change with state and Dr. but the point is the same. For $60.00 I can get my car reinspected, fluids changed, and air filter changed. I'm sick to death of knowing pollution could change if republications stopped stalling on electric cars taking over, AND I believe if Japan can bring a woolly mammoth back to life, why can't we use the same methods to help animals we are killing off like tigers? The answers have been found all over the damn world, but the government is too busy stalling and talking in a round-a-about way that seems to be a very well worded way of doing nothing at all. AN they've been giving us the run around for 36 years, because the past 9 presidents claimed they'd make the differences. They made a differences alright, they put us in a hole, set the world a blaze and stuffed their pockets with money that didn't belong to them. What I want is for one damn person in Washington to give off their *** and do what they promised this country they would. STOP HELPING THE RICH AND START HELPING THE REST OF US!

Now tell me your story and what you think or want to be done about it.


please only answer if you live in the USA

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  • 9 years ago
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    Not much I can say to this. My family is suffering too. I couldn't even buy groceries this week. Flat out couldn't afford it. Richest country in the world... ya... Gotta love the greed of society. Not even sure I'll be able to do much this week with money. I just hope I don't end up living in my car.

    Ron Paul is the last hope. I don't agree with him on everything, but at least he's the least crazy candidate we have.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What I do is I use a **** load of coupons and I do the 'smart shopping' thing where you only have to pay like $20 for groceries. This works because you get a coupon from the store and from the manufacturer of the thing you're going to buy, making some items free or even getting money in a gift card.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Not like that in Australia. I'm doing OK

  • YYZ
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    9 years ago

    I am suffering in Canada let alone USA

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