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Do I have OCD? What can I do?

Question in the title, but I dont know if there just habbits or quirks or what? I dont feel forced to do it like someone with like a cleaning there hands constantly thingy, but it still bothers me time to time.

I'll describe my most common behaviour that I feel is OCD

- when dealing with numbers more specifically on games or with change, I like to be exact- in the matter of change if I have it I will pay that exact awkward amount of, for example, £1.73... Maybe this is just quirky cuz I dont always feel that I HAVE to

In the matter of games for example pikimin, I have to have the same ammount of each colour of pikimin and it has to be a sum of 5 or 10 (so 120 or 125 etc) it bugs me if I have a stupid number like 123 and I either set out to get more before the day ends in game time or kill off some to make it a sum of the above

- when I have a shower, when I am using my shower gel I feel the need to use the same consistency on each body part and when, for example, washing my arms I must rub each arm the same ammount of times usually also in a sum of 5 or 10

- I have an obsession with things being straight, I'm not too fussed on mess but if there is stuff on my table cluttered around I have to make it straight whether horizontal or vertical whichever, or when I did art I sucked at collages because I had to have evenly boxed or rectangled pictures

- I also have a weird quirk on pairs? Or ammounts of things (this ones hard to explain) my best example is my 3DS case holds 3 games in 3 individual pouches, I have two 3DS games and I have to keep one in the right pouch and one in the left, I cant put one in the middle one till I get 3 because it doesnt look even?

I dont feek like I HAVE to do these things? More that I want to but sometimes I wish I didn't want to xD I can atop myself from doin it but then I feel a bit annoyed?

Is this OCD or a quirk or am I just overthinking things :s what can I do?

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    OCD comes in mild to extreme forms. It sounds like you have a mild case. Many people have some degree of OCD without being diagnosed. If the symptoms interfere with your relationships with others or your other goals then it is a problem. Otherwise it should not be a major concern to you.Good luck.

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