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Is it abuse if your parents always leave you alone 24/7 ?

This is a topic we have to learn in school.

Say a teen is in high school and his or her parents leave them alone 24/7 and they are an only child.

They are home schooled and one of their parents is at work and the other parent is out shopping and or running errands. The teen begins to get depressed from being alone all the time,they start hating life and wishing they weren't born. Her name is Sasha she is the girl in the story we had to read for school. So Sasha,asked her mom when she returned home if she could join a club or something to get friends. Her mother straight up told Sasha to her face 'NO' Sasha,started getting suicidal thoughts and wished she wasn't born. Is this abuse? Is Sasha getting abused from being home schooled and or being home 24/7? No I am not asking anybody to do my homework for me I just need some answers for this topic.

Thank you


In the book it said her mom always yells at her or cusses at her when she asks her a question.

Update 2:

Um can't you like read the hole question? The teens parent WON'T LET HER leave home in the story

Update 3:

Sasha in the book got suicidal after she is alone all the time her mother wont let her socialize

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    A teen not getting her way (not allowed to join a club) is not abuse.

    A teen being left alone for 24 hours might raise some eyebrows.

    A teen left alone for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - yes. That's call willful abandonment and neglect.

    This all assumes the teen is under 18.

    Many active and involved teens from loving families have thoughts of suicide. But forced isolation without any support system (friends or family), or constant ridicule would be called emotional abuse.

    More info about child abuse can be found here:

    I agree with the others that your assignment is to think of all the possibilities. It's not a decide question - it's a "think about it" question.

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    I think the question is aimed at provoking you to think about the various different types of abuse.

    Often people think only about physical or sexual abuse, but there is a lot more than that to abuse.

    Psychological abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, neglect, i believe there are other types of abuse that parents can inflict on their children, such as social abuse.

    One parent may set out to sotp their child from becoming at all socialised, while another type of parent may undermine the child's social development with rumours or gossipping behaviour and creation of bad reputatoin for their own daughter( like my mum did/does).

    Abuse is not a black and white cookie-cutter thing, it can and does happen to a great number of people in remarkably similar outcomes through remarkably differnet causes.

    The other thing the question is trying to get you to think about is weither or not another child in Sasha's position who felt happy or indiffernt about their situation is abused or not.

    My brother is happy to believe that my mother is just another perosn in a normal family, so he's not abused?

    I think he is, he is abused because he has been made to do things that are inappropriate for a child, such as parenting younger sibling to the extent of physcially punishing them..just because a part of his upbringing has taught him that this is normal and okay doesn't mean it's not abuse toward him.


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    No, she talks to her parents and has the option to go out at leave.

    You say the mother "doesn't let her socialize" but that's impossible if the mother is never home. If they were never home they couldn't hold the kid at home.

    Also, as far as the law goes, this is not child neglect.

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    if she can talk to her mother at home then she really isn't being left alone 24/7 is she?

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    yes it is neglect which is a form of abuse in which the caretakers stop providing care for the child.

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