3 month old eating too much?

I think my 3 month old son is eating wayy too much. hes almost 4 months( will be on the 22nd of december). Anyway, He wants to eat like every hour.. hour n a half. or so. Its crazy. He eats 6oz at a time, but then wants more. Today i gave him rice cereal and bananas , then he wanted more so i gave him his bottle, he drank an entire 6oz bottle, and STILL wants more. I know hes eating way too much. He doesnt sleep thru the night.. just always wants to eat. What do i do? I know your not suppose to give your baby rice cereal or anything for that matter, but i know plently of children who ate even more then that younger than 4 months.. so please dont tell me that, i already know. but ANY kind of advice would be.. more than greatly appreciated. and yes ive tried a nook, he doesnt even take it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    My son did this very thing. No matter what I gave him, he just couldn't seem to get enough to eat. Never slept through the night, either. At the order of his pediatrician, I was giving him cereal at 1 month and solid foods at 3 months. The doctor said he was going through a growth spurt and if he acted like he needed the food, then I should feed him. Of course, you should consult your pediatrician for advice. My son was always 95th percentile or above for height and weight. Babies that are on the high end of the chart for height are usually hungrier and need more food to sustain their rapid growth. Check the average height and weight of a 4 month old at http://www.eirpharm.com/search_weight_height.php?a... You might also check the formula you are giving him and make sure you are mixing it right. You may be adding too much water or not enough formula, which would make him need to eat more to get the right amount. It's worth it to check just to be sure. That would be easy to fix. Best of luck.

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    If he is hungry, feed him. My oldest was eating 12 oz every 2 hours at 2 months old. How much does he weigh? The weight tells you how much to feed, not the age.

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    Have you tried putting him on a hungry baby formula? My 4month old fed very often so I put her on a hungry baby formula which did stop her feeding so often. She is on breakfasts and lunches too now though because milk alone wasn't enough for her.

    Maybe your health visitor or dr could give you some advice if you're still having problems

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    That's normal they need to eat as Much as possible

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    i would ask the doctor

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