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How to fix corrupted SD cards?

I have a HTC Hero that stopped working. After trying to get it to work for a while, I figured out that the SD card was the problem. It is a PNY Micro SDHC card. When I stick it into my computer, it says, "The drive G: can not be used before formatting. Would you like to format?" or something like that. As I have a ton of stuff on my card, irreplaceable or spent hours fixing or looking for stuff, I would really like to not format my card. I've tried running the CHKDSK command in command prompt, but just got errors. Any suggestions? Also, please no stupid stuff. I also will not pay money for software and have more than pics/movies/music... a lot of it is obscure file types.

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    Here's a YouTube video of your freeware options. Try PhotoRec or MiniTool if you want to recover your obscure file types:


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    and here's more info on how to use them, and where to get them:


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    Fix Corrupt Sd Card

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    No I won't give you any stupid stuff but I will say it's really obvious you didn't read any of the directions or precautions about SD and SD HC Cards.

    There's two absolute things you must not do with them... store files and display them with your camera. They're not intended for this function and using them this way can often, as you've apparently found out, destroy the card.

    There is no fix... none. When the card fails it's trash. Next time follow this and do it faithfully and this probably won't happen to you again.

    Shoot, upload, format the card in the camera - every shoot, every upload. If you don't and do the same as you've been doing, this will happen again.

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    The card is destroyed. I doubt formatting can fix it. There's nothing more you can do even if you are willing to spend on it. You'll just have to learn how to take good care of your memory card next time.


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