Can't get low D or anything lower, or high D, on the oboe?

I cannot hit anything lower than low D on the oboe. I figured it was just because I started a few days ago (switched from the sax), but now I'm concerned because my high D isn't working either. Do you think the instrument is broke?

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    9 years ago
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    Yep....Houston, we have a problem!

    Having played both I would say you have a problem with the lower keys or pads, like the Eb or C pad (heck, maybe both) on the right hand not closing all the way.

    Good way to tell is have someone apply pressure to those lower pads and see if the problem goes away. As far as that goes, you can use the same technique to narrow down exactly which one is giving you fits.

    Chances are you can locate the trouble maker and gently bend it into submission. Just like nursing a dropped sax back to health.


  • 9 years ago

    Go get it looked at at your local music store. Reminded, I am not a oboe player, but as a guitarist, the music store is my home. I practically live there and the employees know me by name :)

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