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Is it okay for a 14 year old boy to take whey protein to gain some weight?

I am 14 years old and i'm about 5'6 and weigh 115 lbs. I read on the whey shakes that its not recommended for persons under the age of 18 but i didn't know if i should still take it. Also, if you any other ways to gain weight please help me out. I want to gain about 10 lbs by lacrosse season in the spring. Any tips on gaining weight are okay! help please!

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    There's a reason they say don't use it when you're younger. For weight gain... Erm... Maybe a protein rich diet? Do some research into safe weight gain, since I'm trying to go the opposite way.

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    First things first, you're fine. The extra weigh is natural.

    Here's how it roughly works:-

    When you consume 'whey protein' or any other form of similar proteins, as you can read in the label - it is majorly meant for body building (a.k.a. building muscle mass).

    The age recommendation is merely for 'safety' purposes as sources of proteins such as this may cause toxic poisoning if consumed too much.

    Generally, protein - when consumed - that are not used in the body turns into fats.

    However, if you're looking to gain weight (as if in fats) and not necessarily build muscle mass, it is not recommended as;

    protein that are not synthesised (used) in the body is not 100% turned into fats. Its major byproduct will be excreted through your urine as toxic waste. This means your kidney will be overworking just because you consumed too much of this protein.

    So, to put it in simple terms, if you're not going to be discipline and building muscle every time you consume the protein, I do not recommend you gain weight by this method.

    Now that we have the protein stuff down, on to your weight gain.

    You're young and at your age, I'm going to assume you have just hit puberty or in the midst.

    10lbs is possible. However, as you may have noticed, everyone's body is different.

    You may gain it easily or your body may be the type that somehow has extremely high metabolism and you keep losing weight to the point you're a skeleton.

    Now, if I were you, I'd take advantage of your peaked metabolism.

    Don't limit anything you're eating. Just consume all your foods healthily whatever it is that is provided.

    By healthily here meaning avoid junk foods, carbonated drinks (maybe with the exception of isotonic drinks after a workout), etc.

    And just go out and play sports and have fun.

    Hitting the gym in optional.

    10lbs is actually very little weight to gain to be honest.

    With the amount of time you have till spring, don't stress yourself out too much.

    Of course, to be extra safe, you should always consult a nutritionist or maybe ask someone that you know is in that field range (a QUALIFIED coach, your relative who's a doctor, etc.) if you have that option.

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    Its totally fine. My brother takes it all the time (13)

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    nope your wee wee will shink

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    I do think you can take it.

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