What should I go about this girl.?

She laughs at my jokes even when she is across the room, if I talk to another girl she usually joins. Is only comfortable if I stop by her desk to chat: She jokes and teases, I walk by she gives me a compliment to stop. If I pass her in the hall she usually has a smile and funny joke or story. If she comes to my desk she is uncomfortable and akward. If I see her anywhere other than her desk or in the hall she is stiff, uncomfortable, talks fast, sees me glance her way she looks away or down. At lunch she was at the other end of the table. She would listen to when I spoke to others, looked like she was in hell the whole time....quiet, holding herself (she was not cold). She responds to me on IM, but I have to do all the talking, her responses are haha...them a comment on my comment.

What do you think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    She's nervous and shy around you. She probably likes you but doesn't want to come off strong. Give it time. It might be better if you tried and talk to her in person, rather than web.

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