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puffer fish ate lionfish fin?

my fish are not aggressive towards eachother. although my fish (niger trigger, blue spotted puffer) are considered finbiters, they never bite one another. my puffer fish, while trying to eat food, missed and nibbled one of those long fin tentacle things off my lionfish. he proceeded to swallow the 2 inch fin whole. is that bad for him? it was not one of his top spines though.

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    LOL! Most fish will eat other fish, especially once they 'taste' each other. He'll be OK.

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    what kind of foodstuff are you attempting to feed him? lion fish want their foodstuff stay initiate him on a weight loss plan of stay feeder shrimp to get him began ingesting then you definately can swap to feeder fish alongside with rosy reds warning nevertheless lion fish will consume themselves to dying if allowed

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