Annoying stomach pain? (Girl)?

I have this sharp not really painful but like annoying pain in my lower right abdomen! I have it like every week I am NOT going to a doctor... Like I said its not really painful it feels like when you get punched in the gut I do not have diarrhea Or any other pains except a headache sometimes.... So please tell me what I can do to help stop it I usually use peppermint or candy canes but we ran out a few days ago...


But thats what everyone else said to... But Unless Im some weird monster who has there period every week (Would die b4 that option) I'm not sure It just went off again its on and off constantly

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  • 9 years ago
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    It can be three things:

    1. Sit in warm water and keep that spot warm. Its probably your ovaries that are hurting, I get this pain too.

    2. Your period is going to start soon before starting your period there are girls that get pain one or two weeks before hand.

    3. Signs of a appendicitis

    Im pretty sure its one of the first two.

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