Good underground bands from Chicago?

I'm looking for some new bands to listen to, and, as i grew up in Chicago, I was wondering if anyone knew any bands from the area that I could check out. some of my favorite bands/singers include:



the tallest man on earth

ezra furman and the harpoons

the strokes

broken social scene


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    Heaps of material to choose from! Chicago has one of the richest and most varied and colorful underground scenes in America. Did you know that it has the largest Country scene outside the South?

    Fortunately there are plenty of online resources that can help you to know and listen to new bands from your area. Reverbnation is superb; not only it allows you to filter bands by area, but even by district. There are also websites specifically dedicated to bands from Chicago, like this:


  • 5 years ago

    Great band up to the point where Peter Cetera took so much control and Terry Kath died ( I think it was him and hope that's the spelling). Then they started sounding overproduced and commercial. But I love the first greatest hits collection.

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