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Is my baby budgie going to DIE!? HELP PLZ!??!?!?

Ok so I usually let them fly around for a few hours and today we took them out at 12 an we put food in the room where they usually fly to and we just found out were goig shopping and I waz like ok And I made sure they had food and we left we came bak at 7 and the lights were closed it waz dark and they were chirping I was shocked I forgot to open the light for them so I ran in my room opened the light she was behind my bed where the heater is and trying to fly out after I put them in I warmed her up and washed her up with warm water usin my hand she had a scratch on her head and waz super sleepy I was puttingbinbthe water and food bin up on the bar next to her shee waz closing her eyes all puffy and sound asleep for a few minute now she I grooming herself! Since she was behind the heater and it was hot will she be ok?!

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    I think she may be fine, but you should NEVER leave your budgies unsupervised. They could get into fights or something like the heater incident could happen. If she's grooming herself, then that's good. Also, use some punctuation! It is very hard to read this. :) I hope she is fine. Good luck!

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    Your bird should be fine, and you should not leave birds out for nearly that long and alone. it stresses them out a lot because its out of routine (that is why your bird is so tired) and yeah your bird should be fine.

    -please be more careful in the future :-)

    Source(s): owner of two cockatiels.
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