What brands?? skateboarding *TEN POINTS TOMORROW*?

i can Nollie 360 shove-it, Nollie Shove-it, Switch/fakie shove-it, and goofy Shove-it, i can kickflip, varial kickflip, Primo(flips out) i can noseslide, crooked, boardslide, and 50-50, i can ollie/shove-it/varial kickflip a 3-5 stair, i can lip and boardslide a handrail and i can ollie to manual, and A LOT MORE!! if i were to get that ^^ and my other best footage and send it to brands, which brands would accept me?

(I am ex-sponsored (skate shop) i had that sponsor but was kicked off due to not buying anything from the shop. i am 13 years old [just turned 13 oct 30] anyways what brand would accept me?)

(Already asked once, only got one answer it said "Toyota" lol

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  • Paul
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    9 years ago
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    I would say start doing some competitions then talk to the reps who show up there. If you do good in the competitions then they will probably be talking to you.

  • schel
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    4 years ago

    Youre going to favor to save up in a sport of skate. quite you wouldnt make it now. yet all of us can artwork flat out . save operating in the route of. And maximum critically dont let it change into too too extreme. Skateboarding is meant to be exciting.

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