Blisters when I run, help!?

So I have flat feet, and I have custom orthotics. Every time I run in my sneakers (they're brooks), I get massive blisters right on my arch. I have thick asics running socks, and it's not the sneakers. I've tried wrapping them, taping them, and using everything that advertised to "prevent blisters." I can't run without the insoles because otherwise I pronate and it puts stress on my other joints. Any suggestions?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Both my husband and I run and do a couple of 5K's year. Flat feet is the problem, not the socks and don't go barefoot or it'll be even worse. Asics are great but not if you have flat feet. Your best bet is to contact your doctor and ask him for the name of a good podiatrist and they can recommend a custom shoe for you. I wear pantyhose under my running socks to help with rubbing on my heel, my husband has no problems and he prefers to wear thin socks.

    Source(s): We both run about 50 miles a week together.
  • Becky
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    9 years ago

    If your shoes fit right, you may want to try not wearing socks.

    One girl I know whos real into running never wears socks, and says that if you get the right kind of running shoe to fit snugly without socks; then you'll have alot less blisters.

    Maybe it just depends on your feet, but you might want to try not wearing socks for a while and see if that helps!

  • 9 years ago

    Not expecting to win any prizes here, as it's a bit gross. But try rubbing your feet with urine, or if you can soaking and drying your shoes and insoles.

    It's an old soldiers trick, but it does's just not very nice (though hygienic)

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