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Would they have been able to tell me this at an oil change ?

I had my oil changed yesterday. The only problems they said they saw was a minor oil leak, which they told me that it was common for a car that old (1997) to have a bit of an oil leak - Which they just said to keep an eye on the oil level. And other than that they said I might want to change my air filter down the road because it was really dirty and black. The guy said other than that he saw no issues. My question is, if I had a coolant leak, would they be able to spot this at an oil change ? I have never seen coolant leaking out on the ground underneathe my car, But I am just paranoid. On the receipt it said they checked the coolant resevior and it was okay. So could they have missed ANY leak or chances are I just don't have one .....

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    Ok they didn't check for leaks they checked the level of coolant in the reservoir.They may or may not spot a coolant leak doing an oil change depending on the size of the leak and the area it's in.If you want to know if you have a coolant leak you need to have the cooling system pressure tested,but unless you need to keep adding coolant to the system there's no reason to believe you have a leak

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    You have an oil leak not a coolant leak.

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    i work at a car rental place, i am constantly taking our vehicles to have their oil changed (every 3000 miles). point being i have a little knowledge on how they do the service at these "quick service", oil change places, in that they tried to get you to agree to a new filter, thats a scam they do, constantly, nevertheless, its also part of there job!! anyways, my advice to you is this, find a shop that you can trust people to do right by you and your vehicle (after all, it is your lifeline)!!!! ask around, dig deep into resources. your cars oil leak, is not normal, EVER, get it checked out, or educate yourself as much as possible about your own car, and that will help you, ALOT!!! goodluck

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    most likely not if you had a leak bad enough to but collect on the ground or on the motor they probaly would have seen it plus finding something like thats lets them make a little more money so if they had found it they would have said something

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    You are correct. You are paranoid. Do not worry. no big deal if its so small the fluids do no make it to the ground.

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    no if you lose coollant the car will not blow hot air so you'll know right away

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