Why won't my ex-boyfriend return my belongings? He broke up with me.?

About three or four months ago my ex-boyfriend broke it off with me. We were together nearly four years, but the reasons he provided at the time seemed legitimate enough to warrant the split (we had totally different expectations and goals in life). However, his actions leading up to the break made it feel like a slap in the face (he was sleeping with me until the night before he told me, even though he said he'd been meaning to break it off for months - thus feeling rather used) and although he asked "to be friends" I decided to go no-contact so I could figure myself and my feelings out.

I called him 3 weeks ago to politely ask that he return my belongings and pick up his from my place (he passes by my house every day on his way to work) and he said that would be okay - although he sounded really disappointed when I didn't want to talk to him about anything else. But when I got home from a week long trip his belongings were still on my porch and the people at the property confirmed he hadn't stopped by at all.

I sent him a reminder e-mail a week ago (really polite again) and he hasn't replied.

Why won't he take his things or return mine? I haven't been anything but courteous when I made my requests and since he was the one that wanted to end it, shouldn't he want to give me back my things?

Just to clarify, these really are /my/ belongings. Not gifts I gave him. My clothes, jewellery, etc.


I should also mention that I haven't gossiped or really spoken much at all about the break up, and certainly haven't said anything negative about him. So it shouldn't be a revenge tactic.

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  • 9 years ago
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    It might be that he's unhappy with how things are turning out and doesn't want you to leave or even that he doesn't want to face you right now. Those are just some suggestions on what I think it could be. If this is really starting to upset you, tell him that you really want your things back asap and if he doesn't give them back, that you'll get the cops involved (idk if that's possible, you can call and let them know the situation). That's ONLY if you feel you must do so, if you feel that it's too mean or too dramatic to do that then don't do it. You could even talk to him about it if you want, ask him to meet you somewhere and talk this out together over a drink or something, see what his feelings are. That's again just a suggestion :)

    Best of luck w/everything!

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