What race are Hispanics?

Do they fall under Caucasian, Asian or Black?


"Latino" isn't a race. I understand it's a subgroup used to classify Humans even further, but Whites, Asians and Blacks are the only 3 true RACES of our species.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hispanics represent varying blends of Caucasian (Southern European in most cases), West African, and Native American (basically an offshoot of Northeast Asian). This is why mixed Hispanics often have such unique and exotic appearances, because nobody else in the world really looks that much like them.

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    they fall under the "Latin" culture. your question should be "what race are caucasians?" because they are no one race. hispanics are a mixture of Spanish, Aztec, Latin, etc...

  • they can be black or white.

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