Ideas for a Mazatlan vacation?

My family and I are going to Mazatlan over the winter break, and I was put in charge of finding some really good places to go to for destination points. So, I was wondering if anyone could help me find some cool stuff to do over there.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You should go visit the light house its really cool and a nice hike ( wear sunscreen!). Centro historico is really nice its the old town district has nice restaurants. Not sure what your into but the fishing is amazing there, theres also a fun daytrip to go ziplining I did and one of the coolest trips is to stone island where you take a cool ferry over and enjoy watersports and good food under one of the cabanas

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  • Hello, Mazatlan is an excellent place for Vacations. You can find everything there at a great deals. Following is a link for the official website of Mazatlan, but you may also contact to any travel agency there and request a proposal. Explain them how many days/nights you would like to stay and if you have a budget per person and per day and also some kind of preference for a hotel or activity.

    Link of the official site:

    Search for travel agencies:

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    4 years ago

    Mazatlan is placed in Sinaloa. Sinaloa Cratel is between the main important and maximum powerful caretsl in Mexico. they're at present feuding with countless different Cartels for their domicile front and the drug routes. they're hated by skill of the Los Zetas the main feared Cartel of all of them. Dec of 2010, 22 human beings have been abducted and later got here upon achieved in Mazatlan. as much as you in case you want to bypass there or not. I stay in San Diego and that i now longer bypass to Mexico for any reason.

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