How are people able to live with expensive rent, car note, etc. How do you manage?

I really do need help. I've never lived on my own before and I'm looking at places to live. I'm trying to move to better my career in acting, only I really have nobody to live with. I don't have a car but eventually I will need one. Anyway, when I do my searches and see rent thousands of dollars a month, how in the world can you keep up with that amount every month, including car payment, food, and utilities? It just seems like so much, but I know people do this all the time. How? I really need insight on this


well that's the thing, I'm in a small town now, but I'm far from the area that will help me pursue my craft. However I do watch out for cheap prices that can even be close to the areas I need to be, but I haven't had any luck :(

Update 2:

lol! I said ACTING career

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    My guess would be if you are wanting to move to further an acting career, you are talking about moving to a place like New York City or L.A. Cost of living in those cities is a lot higher than other places (especially New York), so yes, the rents are huge, but people get paid more because of it. My husband, for instance, is a senior graphic designer working in Chicago. If we were to move to New York City, he would need to double his salary in order to maintain the same standard of living-that's how expensive it is! And we're in Chicago, not a small town. So pay scales tend to be higher to account for that cost, and in New York, most people don't have cars of their own.

    You can look for roommates, or rooms to rent, or plan to live father out and commute in to the bigger city in order to find a cheaper place. Also, a lot of time the rents in the ethnic neighborhoods (Chinatown, little Italy, etc.) can be cheaper, you just need to be comfortable being the minority and make sure the area is safe for a single woman.

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    It is way too much to me & I don't understand how anyone with a normal paycheck could handle it. Maybe try searching for apts in smaller towns. I was able to find a really good one for $345 a month when I first moved out which was such a blessing. I know lots of people go into horrible debt otherwise. I really do recommend searching elsewhere. There are decent cheap apts that aren't "ghetto out there.

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    provide up the vehicle, you do no longer decide for it right here and that makes all the version. in case you are able to no longer detect a room mate you will detect a small place of residing, possibly a 4th floor walk-up decrease priced. human beings make extra right here so it evens out.

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    We work hard. It is that simple. People in small towns work hard too.

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  • 9 years ago

    are you working?

    if yes, earning what?

    sometimes, it takes years to "get there."

    you want to better your career--which is to be WHAT???

    give us more data.

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