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Is my graphics card broken?

I just bought a brand new HP laptop in the dv7 series a month ago, and when I downloaded autodesk inventor last night, i got all of these little boxes that would appear whenever I moved the mouse. Then when I installed crysis 1 on my computer today, the same thing happened, except these boxes were multi colored. I have pictures as well if you need them. Thank you

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    It sounds like your graphics card might have overheated while you were using one of those applications. Did the laptop shut off while you were using either Crysis or Autodesk Inventor? If so, I'd first download the latest graphics card drivers for your laptop (you can find them on HP's website ) and if the problem still persists, you might have a bad chipset and you should call HP to send it in via your warranty. If you could, provide us with the type of graphics card your laptop came with; that may help shed some light on the issue.

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