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Question regarding exercise routine for belly fat?

hello everyone. I'm a 22 year old guy. I'm a student but I also work part-time to support my studies. I have been busy from the past one year and have developed belly fat, (visible clearly when I sit. It is slightly visible when I stand) due to stress, lack of sleep and lack of exercise. I'm really embarrassed and have just started working on it, Could you please suggest me exercises for melting it ? I have been reading articles on internet, some of them say that exercises like crunches don't help melting the belly fat. Do you think it is true? I have started running/walking on thread mill for 30 minutes a day (too less?) aiming to reduce the belly fat. but, I'm worried if the overall body fat gets melted because I don't want myself to look LEAN and WEAK. The following is my workout routine right now, in the order I do

1. 20-30 minutes of thread mill includes walking(15-20 minutes) / running (5-10 minutes)

2. back incline - abs exercise - 30 reps in three sets

3. chest exercise (machine) - 40 lbs - 30 to 45 reps

4. shoulder exercise (machine) - 60 lbs - 30 to 45 reps

Thanks for reading my post.

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    Increase the intensity of your cardio. So rather than walking, jog for longer periods of time.

    Do cardio solely for maybe 4 times a week and focus on doing weights with a bit of cardio on different days.

    And crunches, A-frames, abdominal twists should help strengthen your core, but cardio helps get rid of access fat.

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