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How do people use pads without feeling totally gross?!?

Whenever I use pads, I feel gross and bloody and its just unbelievably uncomfortable to have that feeling of being all wet all the time. How, and why for that matter, would you choose to use a pad?


Why would you use a pad over a tampon though?

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    That's why there absorbent. Same thing with tampons and menstruation cups. Some people use pads because they are more comfortable. Or, their mothers won't let them use tampons. A lot of people think they brake your hymen but they don't.

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    Personally, I use both but usually pads cause tampons hurt like hell!!:) I guess after you have used pads for awhile u get used to the kind of gross feeling.

    With Love Always....Ari<3

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    Tampons have been known to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and in some cases, even Cervical cancer due to the materials used to make them. Also, my current girlfriend, who uses pads, has never gotten Urinary Tract Infection in her life before, as opposed to my first girlfriend, who would get UTI once every few months and was loose.

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    You get used to it, since the pads stop the blood from leaking through your pants .

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    in asia and some asian women in the US use a thing called a menstrual cup which is like a little bucket that hangs between your legs to catch the blood, super gross but true

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