Can someone please translate this (simple) from Russian to English? 10 points?

A: Каролина встречается с футболистом ) я видел их вместе пару раз! а что по поводу Регины ??

B: ti videl ?? xxaxxa pizdec, ranshe tolko devochki tyt bili vrode kak . spletnici , kotorie slediat za lichnimi gizniami , ti poxody perviy pacan, tipo pacan ))))

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  • 9 years ago
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    A:Carolina is dating a football player ) I saw them together a couple of times. What about Regina?

    B: You saw them? hahahaha sh*t, in the past only girls were spreading rumors and keeping tabs on other people's personal lives. Looks like you're the first guy who is doing this as well ))))

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  • 9 years ago

    A: Caroline is dating a soccer player :) I saw them together a few times! But what about Regina?

    B: You saw?? hhahha f*ck, earlier on only girls here were like that. (this part is a little weird. I have a feeling they are from a country other than Russia, but just speak Russian) gossipers that do this behind one's own ??? (maybe they mean zhinyami -- lives), you seem like the first dude, like a dude :))) (sorry this was rough -- maybe someone else has a better one)

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    9 years ago

    A: Carolina is meeting up with the football player ) I saw them together a few times! What about Regina ??

    B: Did you see ?? Haha ****. Before, only girls were here . gossipers , those who spy on everyone's private matters , you are the first guy to do that, yeah, real manly. (the last part doesn't translate exactly, but that is the implied meaning.) hope my translation wasn't too dodgy :)

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  • K2010
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    9 years ago

    Hey dude

    been a while

    what happen to Sveta?


    anyway, here we go:

    A. Caroline dates football player. I saw them together couple of times What about Regina?

    B Oh you saw them? ha-ha f--k, girls used to be the ones gossipping, you are the first guy to do so.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A: Carolina meets with the player), I saw them together a couple of times! but what about Regina?

    lol that's what it says on google translate

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