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How do i FIX my straight across eyebrows?

I have straight across, only arch when I arch them physically, eyebrows. I want beautiful arched eyebrows. They aren't waxed beyond repair. I usually just pencil them in slightly for darker color and a slight arch. Is ther wax or something that I can use to FAKE ARCHED EYEBROWS?? I'm desperate. Mine look bad. Thanks in advance! Ill take any advice.

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    Go to a professional eyebrow waxer or threader. Make sure to let your eyebrows grow very bushy as to create a larger canvas for them to work with. They should be able to help you out!

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    9 years ago

    get them threaded. they manipulate your eyebrow up to give it that nice arch everybody loves.

    Source(s): i get mine done.
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