extremely weird dream? please help interpret?

okay well i always have weird dreams to be honest... this isnt the weirdest but its up there,

i remember walking into this court like room, i dont remember why. i dont really remember anything except for the end. (i think it was the end) when i was sitting on a couch, there were two people next to me. and across from me, on another couch there was this boy, mid 20's. he looked me right in the eyes, they were bright blue. it was as if he could read my mind. when he got up it was as if he had no body. what he did have was casted up. all i could remember were his bright eyes. then all of a sudden they started bleeding alot! he was in pain... what could this mean?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Not a lot of info to go on, but the meaning is clear to me... Difficult to explain.

    Three on a couch, including you, and across from you is the fourth, positioned opposite. Four is the number of completion, and he could complete you if only...

    In Jungian psychology there are four functions in an individual. Think of the Wizard of Oz: thinking function (scarecrow), feeling function (tin man), sensing function (lion) and intuitive function (Dorothy). A whole person has a familiarity with all four - but that fourth, your opposite type, is the most difficult. 

    You're doing well with three on the couch! Opposite you, this fourth person who represents the one who completes you - he's in rough shape! He's mainly just a head - perhaps meaning the thinking function (making your main psychological attitude, what you're most at home with, the feeling function). 

    The reason his  eyes are bleeding, I believe, is because he needs you to see him and he needs to see you. That mainly takes self-awareness, self-acceptance and being honest with yourself about thoughts and feelings. (A bigger job than it sounds!)

    That's what I got out of it. Hope it makes sense.

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