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Would this be ok with my new pup?

Friday I am going to pick up my boxer puppy and I was wondering would it be ok for her to sit through a trip to Virginia for 3 hours then 3 hours back. I am going to exchange gifts. O yea the trip would be that Saturday.

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    Pups often travel long distances when they are first picked up. There aren't that many breeders for certain breeds around. However, if you can postpone picking up the puppy until after Saturday, it'd be better. The first week at your house should be one of quiet, no visitors, and a regular routine. Hard to do at this time of year I know.

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    Well, if the alternative is to leave her at home alone for more than 6 hours, I would definitely take her on the drive. She will be safer and more comfortable in a crate, and you will have to have stops for her to do her business along the way, but she should be perfectly fine.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just keep her collar and leash on. You dont want to open the door and have her bolt. Also remember that it will probably be her first real car ride and that she may get car sick, vomiting and whatnot.

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    she should be fine but make sure that you stop every hour or so, to let heruse the bathroom and stretch out a little :)

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