should i graduate half a year early from high school or just finish it?

i am currently a junior and i talked with my counsler about graduating and he said i can finish mid year. I want to go to college is there a big chance that i wont be able to get into any classes? I dont know if this would be a smart idea or not. HELP ME PLEASE !!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Most colleges accept students for the spring semester, but not all do. My best advice would be to find out the policies of the college you want to attend, and discuss the topic with your parents. Also, be aware that some scholarships are only offered to those entering in the fall, so you may miss out on some scholarship opportunities.

    My personal advice to you would be to take fun classes the second semester of your senior year and stick it out. This will give you more time with friends, will allow you to still attend your senior prom, and will help boost your GPA (not that you need it, per se, but it will). You don't want to grow up and regret not having the fun experience of senior prom and walking with everyone at graduation. It's up to you in the end though. (:

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Wow you're seriously depending on complete strangers to help you make a decision that will change your life...???

  • rob d
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    9 years ago

    finish and start junior college.

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